The municipality of Betancuria is located in the Central-Western area of Fuerteventura and has an area of 103,63 Km2. It limits to the North with the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, to the East of Antigua, to the South with Pájara and Tuineje and on the West by the sea, in a line of cliffs and rocky beaches.

The territory of this municipality is located in the central part of the massif of Betancuria, hilly set integrated in the Basal complex, which constitutes the oldest geologic unit on the island. 91.2% of the municipal area is occupied by the Betancuria Rural Park, protected by its geomorphologic and ethnographic values space.

In general the relief of this area is characterized by heights of certain scale within the insular context and by a dome, and soft terrain as a result of intense and dilated erosive processes. The most important heights are recorded in mountain of Atalaya (724 m), Great Mountain (708 m), Morro de la Cruz (676 m), Teteguno Mountain (645 m) and Peak of the Mute (600 m). It also highlights the set called complex Circular of Las Penitas, located in Vega de Rio Palmas, which constitutes one of the most spectacular features of the island.

The drainage network is dendrited, standing out for its magnitude the ravines of Betancuria, Valle de Santa Inés and Vega de Rio Palmas – La Peña-Malpaso, which lead numerous side channels.

The main entities of population of the municipality are Betancuria, Vega de Rio Palmas and Valley of Santa Ines. The population is approximately 750 inhabitants, dealing in livestock, agricultural, tourist activities and services.