The most common animal species are Arachnids, insects, amphibians, reptiles, variety of birds, mammals such as goats, squirrels, mice, bats, hedgehogs and rabbits. Coastal zones are home to seabirds and waders such as Shearwaters, gulls, etc. Water cock and coots nest in Las Peñitas dam.

Along the Rural Park is structures and elements of ethnographic character such as gavias, nateros, irrigation systems, wells, ovens of lime, pens, gambuelas, houses, etc., reflecting a cultural transformation of the landscape over time.

4. Uses and activities

Allowed uses:
  • Conservation of the natural environment and scientific activities
  • The activity of hiking alone and in groups reduced, linked to trails, roads and existing tracks for this purpose.
  • Vehicle engine by paved pathways.
Not Allowed uses:
  • The introduction into the natural environment of non-native species of fauna and flora, as well as the release or abandonment of domestic species.
  • The practice of camping and camping.
  • Traffic of motor vehicles off-road.
  • The pursuit and capture of animals of species not listed as hunting.
  • The burning of objects, the landfill of waste
  • The alteration, destruction, removal, collection or plunder, involving degradation loss of architectural, historical, ethnographic and archaeological heritage.
  • Opening of new tracks or roads or other means of communication.
  • The carrying out, by any procedure, of inscriptions, signals, signs and drawings on stones, trees and anything else.
 Authorized uses:
  • Hiking organized by own business tourism sector, associations or other groups, linked to trails, roads, or existing tracks.
  • Shellfish and recreational fishing from the shore.
  • Transit of vehicles not powered by no paved roads.
  • Concentrations and public events.
  • Recreational, educational, didactic or sports activities carried out by natural legal persons with non-profit.
  • Scientific activities.
  • Do not leave residues.
  • Comply with the signs of the protected Natural area.