Betancuria has several trails, some interconnected with peoples of other municipalities:

  • Vega de Rio Palmas – las Peñitas dam Trail: this small trail ends in one of the most stunning environments of the island geography, the ravine of the Malpaso. There is located the small shrine of the patron saint of the island; Virgin of La Peña. The journey through the ravine is characterized by the presence of forests tarajales.
  • Agua de Bueyes – Vega de Rio Palmas: ravines confined between traditional areas of cultivation, along with natural and introduced vegetation are accommodated on this route to conform one of the agricultural landscapes, still more productive island.
  • Old trail – Cutthroat of Horehound – Betancuria: through this path in the massif of Betancuria and from the top, the area in which we introduce if they stop can admire the landscape of hillocks and the great Central Plain of Fuerteventura. The natural values and cultural present on this route as well as their short-haul, make it ideal for those who want to spend a day hiking.
  • Trail Tiscamanita – Vega de Rio Palmas: singular route that will take us through mountains whose slopes have been changed by man for agricultural use and which have been as mute witnesses of other times. Flora and fauna will unite to give rise to an area of interest for the observation of a natural and cultural landscape.

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