The inhabitants of the municipality of Betancuria traditionally occupied of develop with their own hands the the tools that needed for their daily life. This gave continuity to several handicrafts that are passed on from generation to generation, which included pottery, weaving, basketry, feather, tanning, etc.

Raw materials such as reeds, Palm, wool, leather, straw, clay, sand obtained in the villages of the municipality. Not happened so with the draft, whose raw, fabrics and threads, were imported.

The loss of functionality of the craftsmen products has determined the disappearance of many trades. Despite this, there are still in the municipality some people engaged in crafts activities.

We can find artisans and craftsmen dedicated to traditional pottery in the Valley of the caves, Valle de Santa Inés; basket makers of cane, leather pouch makers, jigsaws and producers of Vega de Rio Palmas Palm objects; and crochet workers in Betancuria.