Fuerteventura cuisine, in all its towns, is known for its simplicity and meals are sober, based on fish and local produce, seasoned with special seasonings and sauces.

Noted for its antiquity called kneaded gofio. This dish is made with a mixture of grain flour (gofio) to which you can add broth, milk, water, wine and honey. It is served in a leather pouch or cloth bag.

In Betancuria, don’t forget to try the majorero cheese, a local cheese of goat’s milk that is prepared with various flavors and textures, whose quality has made its creditor of appellation of origin and currently is exported to all over the world. There are several farms in the area where you can see insitu its elaboration.

Another specialty is wrinkled potatoes, potatoes without peeling steamed with a mixture of salt. Cook until the skin is wrinkled and are served with mojo, a local spicy sauce.

The most common food in Betancuria is the fish, which is normally served with local sauces and tasty condiments. These Fuerteventura dishes include stews of grouper or sea bream.

Other dishes that you can taste are puchero canario, the compounds of limpets, fried fish, Octopus, pigeons, goat or rabbit in salmorejo.