It is located in the Mayor street Carmelo Silvera, in an old house in which stand out the roofs of tile to the outside and wood to the inside, the balcony above the main door with stairs leading from the street, and the dark stonework from the corners of the outer walls.

This House served as a residence for ecclesiastical beneficiaries, main religious authority of the parish.

An important collection of paintings, sculptures, priestly dresses and pieces of Goldsmith, representative of the sacred art of the island can be seen in their rooms. The works on display have been selected among the collections that were in chapels and churches of Fuerteventura.

It is located in the Roberto Roldán 12-14 street, in a dwelling of traditional typology donated to the Cabildo de Fuerteventura by Martín Fajardo family in 1984.

This museum has two exhibition halls equipped with explanatory panels, one for Aboriginal material culture and the other to the spiritual world, both exhibit some archaeological pieces belonging to the Aboriginal stage of the island.